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  • #Tbt last year at Full Sail University during a group project. I’ll be back in Orlando soon enough.
    New photos are on the way btw #cmdstudios

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    FCKH8 video my sis worked on! I’m so proud! Please share!!!! @syharamullings

    Yes! Go in Black Youth!!

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  • "Butterfly Effect"

    Artwork: Phillip T. Annand

    Performed By: Clockwork Indigo (Erick The Architect, Zombie Juice, Issa Gold, AK, Meechy Darko) & Espa

    Produced By: The Architect

    Keys: Jodd Knight

    Mixed By: Leon Kelly, The Architect / Joe La Porta

    Recorded At the North Pole with love

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  • cmdphotography:

    "My muse, my baby"  wildcatmoji

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  • "

    Black Girls with honey in their skin

    Flowers, stem and all, for hair,

    And you ask me why I believe in God.


    The Faith, The Blessing, The Miracle 

    - klc 

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    The history books from the true African historians don’t lie. Boycott this crap at all cost

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    What the fuck

    why you can’t overlap portals

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  • feelknower1993:

    American music culture 101, from Country to Rock to Pop to Hip-hop, in 3 easy steps:

    1. when black americans invent it, initially detest it, mock it, claim it is destroying american youth and proper sensibilities

    2. realize it isn’t going anywhere, co-opt it, engage in it and profit from it

    3. obscure its origins and repackage it in such a way that the next generation understands it as a product of white american excellence

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  • I would do anything to not have to go to work and open this damn store in 4 hours

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    Real shit tho hahaha!

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    Let’s prepare ourselves and the next generations accordingly…

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    Just gonna leave this right here



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    And black. Please note how she’s black. As in… not white. Like… black. Cos, Egyptians aren’t white. I just thought you’d like to know that. Egyptians aren’t white. 

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    James Brown, the godfather of soul

    The second part of this is so important.

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